Are raw bones dangerous?

Answer : Not as long as three simple guidelines are followed.
  1. Never give your dogs weight-bearing bones of big animals( cow , bison, pig, emu, ostrich, elk , bison, etc…)
    Wolves in the wild usually don’t eat the weight-bearing bones like femur bones . The only animals who can handle those type of bones are the hyenas with their powerful jaws.

    Weight -bearing bones are only ok when they belong to small animals, like any type of birds or small rodents (chicken, duck, turkey, quail, pheasant, other game birds, rabbits…)
    Example for weight -bearing bones of big animals ( femur bones, vertebra ( spine) bones)


    Non Weight bearing bones, good to give your dogs are ( tail , neck bones, ribs- short or flat)


  2. Never give your dog cooked bones. When cooked, the consistency of the bones are changed and can splinter.  So NEVER give your dog cooked bones!

3. Always give meaty bones to your dog , not only the bone itself.

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