Can dogs eat eggs and dairy products?

Answer: Yes dogs can eat dairy products, but the ultra pasteurized dairy products (milk, cheese) have no nutritional value to the dogs. The proteins in them are completely destroyed by the pasteurisation process and they are of no benefits to the dogs.


RAW MILK: This is only really beneficial to puppies.  Most adult dogs lack enzymes that break down lactose and therefore it can cause gas and upset stomach. I do not recommend giving milk to adult dogs.


YOGURT: Like milk most dogs get stomach upset. Only Raw Yogurt that contains LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, is of any real benefit to dogs.  When our dogs have an upset stomach I will only give a single tablespoon of yogurt.  Any more can cause the opposite of the desired effect.


CHEESE: Aged cheese contains molds that can be harmful to dogs, and many cheeses contain too much salt for them.  If you do give your dog cheese then only “young” cheeses, low in salt, and in small amounts.


ICE CREAM: Like Chocolate, Ice Cream is an absolute ‘NO’. Dogs develop diabetes much more easily because they lack the necessary enzymes to break down the sugars in ice cream. This is why all processed sweets should be avoided.


RAW EGGS: Eggs are ok in small amounts.  Give them one or two per week, but no more. Raw organic eggs have beneficial, omega 3, acids which with healthy heart and joints.  Eggs are also good for itchy skin and give them a shiny coat.
You’ve probably heard the Myth from you Vet never to give raw eggs to your dogs because of the Salmonella scares.  However, as I mentioned in another post, dogs’ stomachs are very acidic  having a pH level very close to 2. Unlike humans, the dog’s digestive system is able to handle salmonella bacteria,. I’ve never had any issues nor have I heard from anyone who feeds their dogs raw diet, that their dogs have had problems with Salmonella. Most of the advice I hear regarding salmonella risks are from people who have never fed their dogs a raw diet.
Another common myth is that the enzyme inhibitors in eggs can interfere with digestion, but this is only true if you give them too many eggs. Some people recommend cooking the eggs to avoid this problem, but cooking the eggs causes them to lose the nutritional benefits dogs get from them. When you feed your dogs eggs make sure to give them with the shell. There is no need to grind them. Just crack the egg open and serve.   

Some dogs are more sensitive to dairy than others, like humans, caused by being lactose intolerant  In these cases I do not recommend giving them any dairy products.

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