Can I feed my dogs wild game?

Answer; Yes, you can feed your dogs any wild game ( deer, elk, moose, boar, bear, raccoon, ground squirrel, emu,kangaroo, pheasants, quails and etc…) Wild game meat is very rich in nutrients and Omega 3s, very important for the heart and joint health. Preferably (if you can afford, or have an easy access) feed wild game only. If you do, your dog will not need any additional supplements in their diet. If you have a tight budget (like me) try to feed wild game a few times a month. The oldest recorded dog in the world, Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, lived to the age of 29 years. His diet was primarily wild emu kangaroo and table scraps..
Wild animals are generally healthier than their domesticated counterparts, but if you worry about intestinal worms in the meat, remove the intestines first, then deep freeze the wild meat for two months before giving it to your dog.


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