Can I give fish to my dogs and what type of fish is good for my dogs?

Answer: Wolves eat fish, why not our dogs? They are excellent source of Omega 3s, good for the joints and the heart. Wild caught sardines, mackerel and salmon have the highest source of Omegas . Make sure you deep freeze wild caught fish for two weeks before giving it to your dogs to eliminate potential parasites. I personally recommend wild caught fish because it has a higher nutritional value of Omega 3s than farm raised fish. Farm fish are often packed with antibiotics and other additives. A small precaution with the wild fish. The wild caught pacific salmon can have a rickettsial organism  which cause Salmon poisoning in some occasions. Salmon poisoning could be deadly to your dog. The best way to avoid this is not to buy Pacific salmon The rest of the wild caught fish is ok, but make sure you deep freeze it for 2 weeks prior to giving it to your dogs to avoid other small ocean parasites.
Only give whole fish to dogs who are experience raw eaters. For inexperienced dogs, remove the head and the intestines (because the heavy fish oil can upset their tummies)
Take caution with lake fish: Make sure you take the guts out of the lake fish, because often they are hooks left in them.
Give your dog(s) fish once a week, but avoid giving it too often , because it can interfere with vitamin B absorption.
Avoid giving large ocean fish as tuna and swordfish, because of the high mercury content in them.
Try not to give canned fish as well. Canned fish is cooked and very high in sodium.

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