Is it ok to give my dog fruits and vegetables while they are on a raw diet?

Answer: This is a very controversial topic. Some people do not give any fruits and veggies to their dogs and others give too much. To find the answer we have to go back wolves. First, let’s not forget that, like wolves, dogs are carnivores and their main diet should be meat. According to researchers, a small percentage of the wolves diet consists of fruits and vegetables. These studies were done on well fed wolves who did not need to graze on berries as some wolves have been observed to do when they did not have an abundance of wild kill. The wolves needed this small percent of vegetation because it gives them the necessary fiber to help the proper elimination of meals with heavier bone content. Even though the berries, grass, and fruits do not make up the main source of nutrients the wolves need, they still have an important role in their diet. If wolves eat it, why not the dogs?  Make sure that when you feed your dogs fruits and vegetables, you do so in small amounts. It should never substitute a whole meal and not more than a small percentage of their diet. I usually give them to my dogs as healthy treats each day.  For example, maybe a few berries, or a quarter of an apple, but no more). Fruits are more easily digestible for the dogs than vegetables. If you lightly steam the veggies, they are easier on the dog’s stomach than raw. Be aware that cruciferous vegetables are harsh for your dog’s stomach and give them only sparingly.

In another post I will go into more detail which fruits and veggies are ok, and which ones to avoid giving to your dogs.

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